Guardian Angel Anointing Oil

Product ImageSupport and Protection. Create a loving connection to the protection of your guardian angel. Helps make the connection to your guardian angel. Use it when you feel the need for guidance or protection, or if you just want to feel safe and nurtured in the wings of an angel.

These anointing oils are created using Divine Crystal Essences created in meditation with Masters and Angels. They are infused with pure essential oil synergy blends which complement the Divine Crystal Essence. The Divine Crystal Essences maintain the link to the specific Master or Angel, so that when the anointing oil is used it will assist you in connecting with them and invoking their power and support.

These are sacred tools to be used with a sense of devotion and gratitude. To be anointed is to be made sacred. It means to rub or smear with oil.

These oils are intended for personal use but can be used in many ways. They aim to help you to reconnect to the Divine within you. They are useful for prayer and meditation, where they can help to raise you to a deeper level of awareness. They can help when you need support and guidance. They can be used to bless people and objects, to make sacred and holy.

You only need a very small quantity, one drop should be enough, as every drop contains the essence. For prayer and meditation we recommend that you place one drop onto finger or thumb and then rub it gently into the centre of the forehead. Smear what remains above the top lip so that you also gain the benefit of the fragrance. The oils contain, Divine Crystal Essence and Pure Essential Oils in a base of grapeseed oil. They are meant only for external use. Before use test a tiny quantity on the inside of the arm to check for any skin reaction.
Guardian Angel Divine Crystal Essence created in a quartz crystal singing bowl tuned to the heart chakra with clear quartz obelisk with rainbow, amethyst obelisk, quartz with phantom angel, danburite, kunzite and seraphimite, grapeseed oil, pure essential oils.
£6.00 (10ml)


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