Archangel Gabriel Aura/Meditation Spray

Product ImageLife’s Purpose - Archangel Gabriel Life's Purpose - Archangel Gabriel helps to deepen communication with others and support creative projects for the highest good. Call upon Archangel Gabriel to seek clarity of purpose and communicate truth.

The angel of communication and brave new ideas. The Master series of essences invoke the energy and support of ascended masters and archangels. These crystal essences are created through meditation with the Masters. They help to connect us to the essential qualities we need; strength, courage, peacefulness, love, compassion, joyfulness. They remind us of our spiritual capabilities; our creativity and our ability to heal.

Divine Crystal Essence of Archangel Gabriel created in a quartz crystal singing bowl tuned to the heart chakra with clear quartz cluster, Apophyllite, Rose quartz, moldavite, danburite and angelite, purified water, pure essential oils and grapefruit seed extract.
£12.50 (100ml)


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