Kwan Yin Aura/Meditation Spray

Product ImageKwan Yin is the Goddess of Unconditional Love and Compassion who, has vowed to help mankind until the end of suffering. She is the expression of the Divine Feminine energy. Call upon Kwan Yin in times of need and fear to be nutured by her encompassing warmth and compassion.
Divine Kwan Yin essence charged with tumbled rose quartz, rose quartz heart, clear quartz point, imbued with the divine energy of Kwan Yin, in a crystal quartz singing bowl tuned to the heart chakra, pure essential oils, purified water, grapefruit seed extract.
£12.50 (100ml)


This is my absolute favourite spray in the range, it has a divine fragrance. I use it in my healing practice for clients who have self love issues and imbalances/blocks in the heart chakra. It creates an immediate sense of peace and harmony. Highly recommended.Add a Review

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