The Peace Wheel Range is created using the peace wheel thus combining sacred geometry, crystals and the twelve peace prayers through a process of prayer and meditation. The essences are then combind with pure essential oil blends to create luxurious bath and shower gels, meditation, room and aura sprays and elixirs.


Perfect Peace

Perfect Peace helps you to find your own inner peace. It clears imbalances from the energy field, raises vibration and grounds and balances the heart centre. The bath and spray include pure Jasmine absolute essential oil.

Carrying a pure and simple balanced vibration, transmitted by the interconnected structure of the universal peace wheel, this essence was enhanced with the essence of the world peace flame, platonic solids - air element which governs the heart chakra, which, when balanced will bring about a state of oneness within. The jasmine absolute will also raise the energy and lift the spirits, bringing a clarity and calmness, and almost instant harmony.

The Magi Experience

The wisdom of the divine feminine principle

Created in an acorn prayer wheel, infused with Iolite and the 12 peace prayers, blessed by the brothers of the Beloved Community.

The Magi Experience anchors God’s Divine Plan onto the earth plane. Most importantly it anchors the divine feminine principles of Compassion, Love and Understanding. It acts as a bridge between the Divine order and everyday reality, creating realisation that there is no difference between the two worlds. There is no separation; it is God’s will to be whole and complete.

“I am anything. I am everything. I am all that you want me to be. I am divine feminine, divine marriage, holy union. I draw together divine soul mates on their true spiritual journeys. I ground you if you are lost in the cosmos.” Divine Princess of Eden.


This tool is a gift given to us, at this time, for individual and planetary transformation. It is no coincidence that the Magi Experience has appeared at this time of great importance for world peace. It re-awakens the divine feminine principle, of compassion love and understanding, as a balance to the existing dominant male energy. It is a tool for peace through personal transformation, awakening the intuitive qualities, strengthening the heart centre and reconnecting to the divine feminine energy. Through the Magi Experience the great peacefulness that comes from oneness, can be found.


As a tool for healing the Magi Experience works on many levels. It heals on the physical plane, on mental and emotional levels, energetically and on spiritual awareness. It is not necessary to be consciously aware of any area of change, just to be open to the healing that is possible. Whatever you are prepared to let go of, this will assist it. It removes blockages and all that is impure and imperfect.

Using The Magi Experience

This is a powerful transformational tool to be treated with great respect and used with deepest gratitude.

The Magi Experience works with the principle of the vibration of the number 5.

- It should be taken 5 drops every 5 days, repeated 5 times. 

- Alternatively it can be taken 5 drops, 5 times a day for 5 days, as a more intensive tool.

If through clear guidance you wish to continue to take it, please dowse for how many drops and for how long. Or it is recommended to increase the dose i.e. 10 drops every day for 10 days or 10 drops every 10 days.

For more information about the Magi Experience please contact us.

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