Harmonic Potential was founded in 2004 based on the joint vision of two spiritual seekers, Sue Morton and Paula Wilson.

"It is our absolute personal commitment to bring vibrational healing into every day life through our range of lovingly, hand made, divinely inspired, crystal bath and meditation products.

We met in 2001 and recognised a very special connection. Instinctively we knew we would work together although we had no idea in what capacity, 3 years later whilst buying crystals together we were inspired to make a crystal essence from Jade to add to our baths. Eureka! Harmonic Potential was born!

We are both committed to introducing vibrational healing to the world in order to support gentle awakening. With the introduction of our hand made, divinely blessed and inspired range of vibrational crystal products which include bath and shower gels, therapeutic elixirs, meditation, healing and fragranced room sprays, this dream has now become a reality. We see these products as tools to aid balancing on all levels, to support spiritual growth and to assist in the attainment of the highest potential in this lifetime for all who desire it.

Our products are created in a meditative and sacred space with guidance from our higher selves and ascended masters. It has been such a joy to work together with the crystals, angels, ascended Masters and blending the essential oils under their divine guidance to match their vibrations and qualities and we do hope they bring lots of joy to you"

In Love and Light, Sue & Paula

Sue Morton

I come from a nursing background, but moved into more holistic therapies after seeing the benefits of massage on children with autism. My background is in intensive and coronary care, but I now believe there is room for both a medical and holistic approach to health.

My tai chi, reiki and dru yoga have introduced me to energetic and spiritual aspects of life and am now dedicated to self healing and experiencing enlightenment in this lifetime, and assisting others to experience self realisation.

I currently have a private remedial massage, reiki and ling chi healing practise. I am a reiki master and tai chi teacher and am currently studying to become a dru yoga teacher and am a passionate student of the crystals.

In 2003 I did a pilgrimage from France to Santiago. During this I heard someone asking the question of another walker, why were they walking to Santiago to see the bones of St James. This kept playing through my mind, until I heard the answer in my head "Because I am a disciple of Christ." That evening I went into meditation, and found myself connected to the Christ energy. It was completely effortless connection, and it felt like a welcome back. With it I got the words "Now you can begin your work", since which time I have been working with the Christ energy.

Paula Wilson

I come from a varied background in the customer service industry. I have always had an interest in all things esoteric, even as a child I was always aware of other realms of existence.. My personal experience has brought me firmly onto the pathway of self healing and self empowerment, therefore I have a great desire to share my knowledge.

I believe in the holistic approach to health and am committed to my own personal growth through the support of a pure diet, meditiation, Tai Chi, Yoga, The Crystal Kingdom, Angels, Nature Spirits and Masters Energies in particular the Christ Consciousness.

I started training through the Hazel Raven College of Bio-Dynamics in Vibrational Medicine in 2002 and in Angelic Therapy in 2003 and was attuned as a Reiki Master in 2004